Lily Flower General Information

The Lily flower belongs to the genus Lilium and the Lily family (Liliaceae), a large family of plants. There are about 110 species of plants in the Lily family. They are characterized by colorful, showy flowers with an elegant, aromatic fragrance. Lilies flowers are beautiful and very delicate.

Lily flowers have been cultivated for over three thousand years. They have been cultivated longer than any other ornamental flowers. Lily flowers are one of the world’s most favorite flowers. They are also one of the most symbolic. The Lily flower symbolizes true love, happiness, sympathy, sophistication, purity, innocence, refined beauty, pride, wealth and majesty. Based on color or type, the Lily flower can convey different meanings. Additionally, the Lily flower is considered to be the May birth flower as well as the flower used to commemorate a couple‚Äôs 30th wedding anniversary.

Lily flowers are summer-blooming flowers. In nature they bloom in mid-summer. They have a significantly long bloom period.

Lily flowers are native to the norhern temperate regions. They can be found in Europe, Asia, Canada and the United States. In wild they can grow in the woods, grasslands and even marshes.

There are many types of Lilies. They are divided by color range, period of bloom and hardiness. The most popular and well-known types of Lily flowers are: the Tiger Lily flower, Oriental Lily, Asiatic Lily, Stargazer Lily flower, Peace Lily and Lily of the Valley flower. Each type is amazing in its own way.

Beautiful Lilies flowers come in different colors. They may be white, cream, yellow, pink, red, orange, lilac and in-between colors. Some species of Lily flowers are highly fragrant; others are scent-free.

Lily flowers make an exceptionally impressive statement of pure elegance. Lilies flowers are popular in the landscape and as cut flowers. Sometimes they may also be grown as potted plants.

Dried lilies are used in exotic dried flower arrangement. They are wonderfully showy and fragrant. Lily flower arrangements are used for occasions like weddings, funerals and birthdays. They look elegant like bouquets, arch decorations, centerpieces and wall decorations.

Some of Lily flowers, for example, Tiger Lilies, are cultivated for their edible bulbs.

Lily flowers can be highly poisonous to cats. With even ingestions of very small amounts of the plant, severe kidney damage could result. Owners should be aware of this risk and keep their cats away from them. For other pets and humans Lily flowers can not be a problem.

There are plants that have the name Lily attached to them, but real Lily flowers belong to the genus Lilium. Calla Lilies, Canna Lilies belong to the different genus. The Day-lily, water-lily and Arum-lily are not true lilies flowers as well.

Lily flowers are very popular in Japan, UK, Canada and United States.

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